Yanine Diaz

Pictures of the Busty Cuban Yanine Diaz.

Yanine Diaz: Busty Cuban

Yanine Diaz. Her site can be found here: Yanine Diaz's Offical Site

Yanine seems comfortable, relaxing at home in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Why not? It's a sunny, warm day with a mild breeze, perfect for Yanine to stay bare and play bare for SCORE for several hours.

Born in Santiago, Cuba, Yanine worked in hotels, earned a degree in Thermal Power Engineering and worked as a catalog model for clothes and shoes. Just a few years ago, Yanine was a mere DD cup. Now she's a 30FF and still growing. It was a happy coincidence that SCORE and Yanine connected. She's studied German and Italian the past few years. Now she's working on English.

A Scoreland members writes into SCORE Card: "All I wanted to say is that Yanine is amazing. What a body, and her boobs, well, what can one say! Thanks-R."

Yanine Diaz Milky Breast

Here's a great picture of Yanine Diaz's milky nipples.

Yanine Diaz The Belly Dancer

Recreation and Hobbies:
"Belly dancing, Salsa, going to the movies, spending time with friends."

Favorite travel spot: Switzerland.

Favorite books: "Anything by Richard Bach." (Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions and Rescue Ferrets at Sea)

Favorite foods: Italian, Thai, Indian, Caribbean.

"I am a sensual, big hearted, loving and caring woman, and, believe it or not, very shy," says Yanine

Yanine Diaz Pool Side

Her boobs look amazing in this picture!

Yanine Diaz and Ricky Martin

Favorite Television show: "Carita de Angel, Betty la fea, Rosalinda, Vivan los ninos.... all the Latin soaps."

Favorite movie: "Moulin Rouge and La Vida es Bella. I love to go to the movies."

Favorite music: "Ricky Martin, Chris Isaak and all those handsome singing men."

Ultimate Yanine Diaz

"Yanine Diaz is the ultimate Scoreland girl! Awesome."

This one is very creatively written:
"Yanine's pneumatic pontoons inspire me to blow large quan-TIT-ies of jack fluid. Those cocoa-brown areolae, the darkest I have seen in my life, slay me. Her thick, pointed nipples should have the surgeon general's warning printed on them! The boobs look dangerous!"

Yanine Diaz in the Shade

Yanine caused a big stir with her Scoreland debut in the November 2002 issue. One glance at those boobs tells the entire story. Life is sweet for Yanine in the Dominican Republic. The weather is gorgeous and she has little need for a lot of clothing. So if you're freezing your ass off in Chicago, St. Louis, London, Berlin and other choice areas, envision Yanine wearing just a sarong, napping in a hammock in the shade of a palm tree.

Yanine Diaz in the Shade Picture

Yanine Diaz in the Shade Picture. Enjoy.

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